“At Atlanta Veterinary Specialists, diversity and inclusion isn’t an inspirational goal, it’s the way we achieve success.”

Supporting the person and the professional is a priority

Worldwide diversity and inclusion is more than just understanding the differences of race or gender. It’s about understanding and embracing the individual characteristics, values, beliefs and personal life experiences of our workforce and our customers. Diversity and inclusion is critical to our ability to attract, recruit, retain, develop and advance the best people from around the world. Different backgrounds, cultures and experiences provide wider, brighter perspectives that enhance our work culture, decision making and business strategy. We believe individual differences, combined and focused, can contribute to stronger results. 

We foster an environment that celebrates diversity and our executives support employee programs to enhance diversity, which are sponsored by officers. Diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences provide a wider, brighter array of perspectives that improve our work culture, decision making and business strategy.

A welcoming culture for all employees

At AVS, we recognize, appreciate, respect, and leverage human diversity. We do this from the perspective of: cultures, languages, ethnicity, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, education, religion, work experience, family status, capabilities, political views, geographic/regional identification, values, personalities, skills, education (formal and life), citizenship status, socio-economic background, community membership and communication styles to temper generalizations that may build barriers to inclusion. Our definition is designed to be inclusive of our clients and patients. Diversity represents a company's attitude that not only represents and values the individuality of its employees but also understands how to tap the potentially significant contributions inherent in diversity.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is firm and demonstrated through our anti-harassment and non-discrimination policies, outreach and recruitment efforts, and diversity education programs.

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